R u n s   t h e  G a m u t 

 Exploring the Creative Legacy of Merce Cunningham

A collaboration between Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, Matilda Mackey, Maddie Hanson, and Ethan Colangelo, and mentored by Silas Reiner. Performed as a part of the Cunningham Centennial festival at Baryshnikov Arts Center, Howard Gilman Performance Space, February 2019.

“Silas Riener was one of the (Cunningham) troupe’s most striking and daredevil performers in its final years; in a program called ‘Runs the Gamut: Exploring the Creative Legacy of Merce Cunningham’…. Reiner leads a group of young dances from the Ailey School, Juilliard, N.Y.U’s Tisch, and Harvard in a discussion and a demonstration of Cunningham’s rigorous technique and pathbreaking approach to composition. The composer Tei Blow will provide accompaniment using found objects, microphones, and prepared piano.”

- Marina Harss, The New Yorker

Dancers Matilda Mackey, Jared Brown, Mikey Garcia, Sean Lammer, Annika Veraplancke, Miranda Wienecke

Group work 

H e  &  S h e

He & She is a play written by James Sappho and directed by David Teschendorff. This original play was presented at the Hudson Guild Theater as a part of The New York Theater Summerfest in 2018.

“An intelligent, witty, loving husband and wife experience the worst possible tragedy… the loss of their precious daughter. HE & SHE examines, with lively imagination, how this complex couple with the help fo their daughter’s every present and vibrant spirit, chose to light a candle, rather than curse the darkness.”

Best Choreography award for the 2018 Summerfest

He: James Donahower

She: Sandra Roque

Anna, and choreographer: Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

60 minutes

N o t   F o r   Y o u r s e l f   A l o n e

Choreographic Honors 2019

By Matthew Gilmore, Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, Sean Lammer 

B l i p

Juilliard Workshop 2018

By Sean Lammer and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Music by Jack Frerer 

To  be running breathlessly but not yet arrived

Choreographic Honors 2017

by Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Danced by Can Wang, Mio Ishikawa, Chase Buntrock, Sean Lammer, Matthew Gilmore, Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

A n i m a l  T a n g o

Juilliard Workshop 2016

By Daniel Ching and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison