T o u r   o f   a   R e v e r i e

Tour of a Reverie was created for Juilliard’s Choreographers and Composers course and performance series. This creation was mentored by Jerome Begin, Janis Brenner, and Daniel Ott. Premiere November 2017, the Meredith Willson Theater at Juilliard. Restaged and performed for Triskelion Arts CollabFest 2018, with Mikey Garcia dancing the male role. Video iteration directed by Jack Frerer and myself, and completed spring 2019.

"We started with a feeling, something we could both grasp: Nostalgia. We discovered early on in the brainstorming process that we shared similar tastes in music and movement, yet this was new territory for both of us. Although we appreciated each other’s mediums, we still come from entirely different worlds; we speak different artistic languages. This led us to discussing the idea of narrative, something so ingrained in our culture and upbringing that it defies medium, and has a timeless quality prevalent in every art form. We look for meaning in everything; even in the seemingly abstract, we subconsciously create narrative and structure. Thus we discerned the commonalities in the artworks that inspire us, and began creating."

-Moscelyne and Jack

Original composition and collaboration with Jack Frerer

Dancers Naya Lovell, Lua Mayenco, Alex Sargent, Mikey Garcia.


Live or Recorded music

10 minutes in length

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