I'll leave you an abyss 

"This work made me feel like I am a god observing humanity." 
~Audience member 

CONTINUUM was created in December 2022 for the second year Lines Training Program dancers. Set to a compilation of music by DJ and composer Paul Jebanasam, CONTINUUM explores emotions and images evoked by symmetry, our cultural connection to the center line, individuality, and accumulation. 

Work for 10- 20 dancers. Set in a proscenium black box space. Approximately 22 minutes in length.

Original cast: Alekzeta Cantu-Hensley, Ally Ng, Carissa Logan, Giovana Sales, Giulia Sales, Hailey Maynard, Jessica Fisher, Lauren Fiddes, Liam Fleming, Madison Lindgren, Natalia Uribe, Olivia Evans, Olivia Winston, Rowan Young, Sienna Thibert, Sofia Anglim, Sunny Winn

Rehearsal assistant: Sarah Brooks 

Photos by Eric Raeber