T h r e s h o l d

Threshold was conceived by pianist and composer Lucy Yao, composer Trey Makler, and dancers Barry Gans and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison. Threshold was performed at Manhattan School of Music, and Blessed Sacrament Church Theater in Spring 2018.

"We took a look at the things that influence us the most, the stories that give life to our music, and traced it to mythology and poetry as so many other musicians have. Gravitating towards the translation of nature into sounds that become music, it felt organic to take a look at Orpheus and Eurydice. However, in the many interpretations that we have looked at, including Rilke's Orpheus Sonnets, Eurydice was missing. Eurydice was always in a shadow. Here, we wonder, from a different lens, in the last moments of the underworld when Eurydice is led into the light to ‘become a woman.’ We explore what possibilities could happen if the ideas of womanhood are rejected, and light becomes shadow.”

Strangers in a Room collective Photos by Matthew Quigley

Dancers and Choreographers Barry Gans and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Composition by Trey Makler

Pianist Lucy Yao

Video by Luca Sierra


6 minutes