The need to know. The desire to ignore.

Produced by Post:ballet, Presented by The Midway, SF

Magma is an evening-length immersive dance theater experience produced by Post:ballet and choreographed by Resident Choreographer Moscelyne ParkeHarrison. The work is set in the Midway (a multi-room nightclub in San Francisco), and follows nine characters navigating their relationship to truth, ignorance, and entropy. Inspired by the The Cassandra Complex, Magma is based on the ancient Greek myth of Cassandra, who was cursed with foretelling the future whilst no one believed her visions. This archetype is a common term in modern day psychology associated with the stereotype of hysterical personalities or forecasters of global disasters.

Magma unfolds in three chapters, beginning with the dancers moving throughout multiple rooms of the Midway and culminating in the audience and performers convening for the final chapter of the performance, confronting an event which is alluded to throughout the first two chapters of the work. Magma Chapter Three was previewed in January 2024 and is shown in this work sample. The first two chapters will be previewed at the Midway later in 2024, and the full-length immersive experience will premiere at the Midway in January 2025. 

Magma (film)

Excerpt from the ending sections of Magma (Chapter Three)