Z o r o a s t r e

Zoroastre was created as a collaboration with Juilliard415, the historical performance department orchestra conducted by Robert Mealy. This piece was performed at Alice Tully Hall in October 2018 as a part of Chaos and Order: The Dance Music of Rameau. Zoroastre was performed alongside pieces by Maddie Hanson, and Ethan Colangelo. The video was recorded in orchestra room 549 at Juilliard.

“I explored the idea of lineage in the process of creating a dance based on Rameau’s operatic compositions. My dancers and I studied the instructions for Baroque dances, as well as the guidelines for the guidelines for comportment of the performers of these dances. In addition to abstracting the instructions and maps of baroque dances, I worked with the lineage of Rameau’s compositions. Zoroastrianism was a major influence for a portion of the sections which I choreographed. Thus I reference the idea of orientalism and fascination with the “other.” Chase, Clarissa, Matthew, Mio, and I studied the trials of traditional lineage and created our own contemporary take on the kinetic and sonic scores of days past.”

Photo by Rosalie O'Connor


Dancers Clarissa Castaneda, Chase Buntrock, Mio Ishikawa (original performance), Miranda Wienecke (video), Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, Matthew Quigley


Music by Jean- Philioe Rameau, excerpts from Zoroastre and Castor et Pollux

18 minutes in length