Nice Try

A piece about the unique environment of a dance program - the immense amount of personal growth and fortitude that is required to enter this space, and the beautiful community that is formed by the collective passion for movement.

Choreography: Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Music: 'Drone in F' Mixed by Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, ' The Th1ng' by Yaegi, Victoria Sin, Shy One

Assistant to the Choreographer: Lauren Fiddes, Special thanks to Colin Frederick for additional choreographic input.

Dancers: Cora Schickler, Dani Sala, Dorien Young, Evelyn Dugan, Hawa Hiraeth, Janet Nguyen, Jolie Alonso, Joy Dyeson, LeeAnaca Moore, Maeve Ethridge, Maya Belcove, Michael Braun, Paulina Allsbrook, Rachel Zisk, Rebecca Tapia, Simone Carcer, Taylor Jones

Lines Summer Pre Professional Program 2023.

Cowell Theater, SF. 

Photos: Doug Kaye and Steve Disenhof 

Full video upon request. Email