say i am you 

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, March 18 2022. Commission for Post:ballet.

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say i am you was also performed September 2022 at Salesforce Park, and October 2022 at Heron Arts.

"The Post:ballet piece by Moscelyne was just stunning. . . the
last movement moved me so hard I choked up. Made me feel I don't know what, nostalgic? For humankind? Something like knowing we are always already lost and always always still worth fighting for anyway? I don't know what I’m even saying I need to see that a thousand more times!”
                       -Audience Member

When I choreograph I think first and foremost about creating a world for the performers and audience to step into on equal footing. This shared space allows for exchange, for the artists to discover something new even in the final stages of performance, and for the audience to find a place of comfortable confusion amidst the abstraction of reality. I start by establishing a formula for the work, creating a movement vocabulary and developing a set of community values with the artists, all in the hopes that through this specificity we can find freedom and go further into the unknown. For this process I capitalized on the immense technical strength of the Post:artists while delving into new movement modalities and means of expression. say i am you is in essence about a constructed world dissolving into a new reality.

30 minutes in duration.

Performed by Post:ballet artists Crystaldawn Bell, Charmaine Butcher, Colin Frederick, Benjamin Warner, Caitlin Hicks, Babatunji Johnson, Emily Hansel, Jenna Marie.

Costumes by Aine Dorman of undercurve designs

Text by Moscelyne ParkeHarrison.

say i am you performance trailer

say i am you was made into a short film featuring vocalist Tiffany Townsend.

Photos of say i am you

Photos by Natalia Perez and Ben Tarquin