not with a bang but with a sigh

not with a bang but with a sigh is a duet created and performed by Anthony Pucci and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison. The work was developed while in residence at Deborah Slater Dance Theater at Studio 210.

Program Note

"They came prepared: baggage in hand, a chair to rest, and water to quench their thirst. The sequence of events unfolds mindlessly. At first, they go through the motions, saying their part, pouring the water from one glass to another, satisfied with mundane tasks, waiting for you to tune in to the broadcast. Then comes the moment when things start to shift. The sequence spills out in a chaotic wash that one can’t help but accept. He’s awash with sorrow and heartbreak, while she is overcome with ecstasy and anticipation. You will realize that you have seen this before, but somehow you’ve never felt it. It is hard to look away - like witnessing the grotesque beauty of a disaster. In the end, they will stand motionless next to each other, realizing that to surrender to wonder is to fully live. You will continue playing games, knowing they are rigged."


25 minutes in length. Set in a white or black box space with curtains that can close over back wall.

Props include 2 water glasses, glass bottle, suit jacket, chair, oscillating fan, remote controlled standing light, high heels, briefcase.

Music mixed by Anthony Pucci. Excerpts from Thlastic Stroke by Scanner, Tan Pequeñica y Sincera by Amaia, Movement 3 - Live by Mika Vainio Ryoji Ikeda and alvo noto, Dropped Soul by Murcof, Vichnaya Pamyat by Homin Lviv Municipal Choir.

Text by Moscelyne ParkeHarrison and Anthony Pucci.

Photos by Kyle Adler