‘please come alone: a ballad’ 

an initial study of my solo work in progress ‘please come alone.’ 

The solo encompasses ideas of privacy and public, and the concept of translation, fragmentation and ballad as a form seen through the lens of stories/myths centered on women.

‘please come alone: a ballad’ is a microcosm of the durational work which will premiere June 2021 in downtown Great Barrington. The 10 minute solo is set to a performance by critically acclaimed vocalist Ganavya. By interpreting the quintessential ballad ‘Lilac Wine’ both dancer and musician interpret lyricism, narrative, and sensation through the lens of corporeal and sonic structures.

Supported by the Martha Boschen Porter Fund through the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Full video upon request.

This piece will be presented as a Premiere through The Foundry’s YouTube Channel and Facebook.